The smart irrigation controller.

Irrigation manager and actuator

HYDRODISPENSER is an access terminal and management system for the user’s irrigation system. Manage the solenoids that switch the opening or closing of irrigation valves, both for professional and domestic use.

This irrigation computer is designed to work manually or with programming, and has the capability to interact with the HYDROBALL irrigation probe, automating irrigation when the plants require it.

Conectado a una red WIFI o LoRa, permitirá regar de forma independiente hasta 12 zonas de riego con necesidades hídricas diferentes, controlando una llave maestra y las diferentes llaves de conmutación de riego desde tu móvil o aplicación web, estés donde estés.

HYDRODISPENSER, smart irrigation

Controls and connects from your own WIFI.
Able to control a master key and up to 12 irrigation switch keys.
Integrate an analysis of the weather forecast in your area to recommend real-time irrigation guidelines.
It has two levels of irrigation automation and manual mode.
Manage irrigation from your cell phone, wherever you are.
Integrates the data collected by HYDROBALL® probes to keep the crop at optimal moisture levels.

3 watering modes

Icono Tensión hídrica


Depending on the humidity levels suitable for the plant, integrating the data collected by the probes and weather forecasts.

Icono Tensión hídrica


Similar to the automatic mode, but selecting set watering windows.

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Fixed program decided by the user, independent of crop and weather conditions.

The applications

Digitized irrigation can save up to 40% of water resources in all sectors.


Private and public




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